as shown in soloshow NOWHERE HERE NOW
20180906 - 20180908 at BLANCO Ghent
pictures: Michiel De Cleene

3 stories in time.
1884, 1915, 1977,
Edwin Abbott, Claude Bragdon, Rudolf v.B. Rucker.
stories on spacetime with all its dimensions.
when black is white & white is black it highlights by means of censoring.

moving a point in time it creates a line.
moving a line in time it describes a surface.
moving a surface in time it generates a space.
moving a space in time it makes a hyperspace.
1D, 2D, 3D, 4D,
moving in time.
moving in time, the spacious quality of its higher dimension.

curved patterns.

the shadow of a magic cube casts these magic lines.
a patterned surface with no end or beginning.
curved in space & curled in time.
when past is future.